Stepping Up

Tackling the Pandemic in Georgia

Everyone deserves accessible testing for COVID-19

Board certified physician and sought-after interventional pain management specialist, Dr. Damon Christian Kimes launches a mobile COVID-19 testing initiative—starting in Atlanta. To tackle Georgia's staggering statistics, Kimes deploys mobile testing sites as a safe, convenient alternative to crowded emergency rooms and other local, difficult to identify testing sites. Chief Medical Officer Kimes and his partners will offer efficient, easily-accessible testing sites throughout the southeast.

On the Move

Kimes' efforts are atop the list of organizations bringing testing units to sites within communities that may not otherwise have access. Progressively moving forward, the units will travel based on demand to cities, neighborhoods and businesses as an extension of brick and mortar facilities. Open to all, the joint initiative encourages people to get tested and educate themselves on their status. Kimes and partners hope to reach their audiences and key media personnel to spread the message that testing help is available.

Equipped & Staffed

Fully equipped, the mobile testing sites will have administrative staff on-site to collect insurance information and process services like a traditional clinic. All patients are encouraged to bring insurance information and identification. Uninsured patients are able to be serviced as well, and are welcome without discrimination. The Cares Act will assist the uninsured by covering the cost of testing.